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Are there long term service contacts?  No, we just ask that you give us a 30 days notice if you wish to cancel if you are moving or your needs change.

Do you operate in the winter and rainy weather?  Yes & yes!  Your pets need visits and walks in all types of weather.  Your pet waste also gets messy, but does not go away in bad weather, so we will be there!

Do you belong to any professional trade organizations?  Yes, we are members of aPaws a trade association of professional pooper scoopers. www.aPaws.org

Do you have insurance?  Yes, we are fully insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC. www.petsitllc.com/

Do you work weekends & holidays?  We work Monday through Friday, & are currently are closed for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other major holidays.  We'll always remind you ahead of time when a holiday is approaching if you are normally scheduled that day.  We also realize you may have an increased need for yard cleaning prior to major holidays and will always work our hardest to provide our service prior to such events.  If you need a special clean up by all means call us!

Do you take care of cats too?  Absolutely!  See Pet Visits on our Prices & Policies page for details.

Can we leave our dog in the yard when you come to do the scooper service? That depends-is your dog an escape artist or not like people in his or her area?  If your dog is friendly and usually stays in the yard, let us know ahead of time and it shouldn't be a problem-we love animals!

What time do you arrive for scooper service?  We can arrive as soon as the sun comes up; typically between 6:30am & 4pm arrival anytime throughout the day.

Do I need to leave my gate unlocked for scooper service?  Yes, we will not attempt to enter your yard without the gate being unlocked.  A fee is applied for scheduled service if we can not enter and you've forgotten to call us and let us know.

Do you clean your tools?  Absolutely!  We use professional grade cleaners before & after each use on our tools & shoes.  We use the utmost care & are extremely diligent between each customer.  If it takes us a little longer to make sure this is done properly before moving to the next job then that is what we do.


Have more questions about our services?  Call (301) 606-1169, email info@scoop-squad.com or fill out the form below, if displayed by your browser.  We look forward to talking with you!

All mail inquires should be sent to:  The Scoop Squad, P.O. Box 1198, Middletown, MD 21769.